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Your renovation workflow, upgraded with Optiml

You need to meet your goals while balancing Cost, CO₂e, Energy, Returns, and Policy requirements.

Optiml supports and empowers your decision-making journey, from Component to Asset to Portfolio.

Easy onboarding
Get data insights
Optimize cost & CO₂e
Design new strategies
Download reports
Stay ahead

Step 01

Easy onboarding and AI data enrichment

Optiml is easy to deploy. Start with just an address and let our Data Warehouse provide trusted insights. Integrate with any data source or upload your own data to complete the picture.

We know that data availability and quality are often imperfect; our AI-driven solution is primed to support your workflow for Residential and Commercial buildings.

Bring your data
Document upload
Building info
Energy consumption
Valuations and Capex plans
Condition reports & pictures
Systems & APIs connect
MIS & ERP software
Data aggregators
ESG software
Smart meters
Add your floor plans
Optiml AI data enrichment
Capex benchmarks
Opex benchmarks and energy prices
Real estate market data
GIS, scraping, open data
Components and systems
Emission and climate data
Policies and norms
Incentives and subsidies
Energy data

Step 02

Data transparency for Assets and Portfolios

Connect all of your data streams into one AI-driven decision-making platform for Assets and Portfolios. The business intelligence you need is here: from detailed Components to the high-level view across multiple Portfolios.


Step 03

Optiml’s algorithms reduce cost and CO₂e

Set your targets such as ROI, Net Zero 2050, and regulations like the EU Taxonomy.

We create engineering-grade Digital twins of any building, run energy simulations, optimize for cost and emissions to 2050, and account for Capex, Opex, Energy, CO₂e (Scope 1-3), Revenue, and Policy.

Then Optiml’s algorithms find the best investment strategies and detailed renovation plans for your Portfolios and Assets, down to a Component level.

Optiml runs algorithms from Assets to Portfolio
Choose from multiple Strategies, to suit your goals
Minimum costepc
Feasible low CO₂epc
Minimum CO₂epc

Step 04

Strategy Designer gives you control

Want to create your own strategies?

For full control, Strategy Designer allows you to define your own Portfolio or Asset strategies, and run them using Optiml’s data and algorithms.

You can use one of Optiml’s strategies as a starting point, or create a new version from a blank slate.

Set your targets
Annual Capex
Net Zero
EU Taxonomy
Design custom strategies

Step 05

Upgrade your tools, keep your workflow

Optiml fits into your organization’s workflow and tool suite. Download reports, data, and indicative assessments such as Energy Performance Certificates in Excel or PDF, or even into your MIS or ESG platform.

With our yearly license, you can review, adapt, re-run, and create new forecasts as often as you like.

ASSETIndicative assessment
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)card-chart-image
ASSET & PORTFOLIOInvestment strategy
Investment & Strategy PDF reportscard-chart-image
ASSETRenovation action plan
Excel Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)card-chart-image

Step 06

Stay ahead

Optiml is founded on rigorous scientific research from ETH Zurich.

Our AI-powered Data Warehouse integrates hundreds of data sources and best practices, regularly incorporating the latest forecasting on economic, policy and subsidies, climate scenarios, and more.

CO₂Scope 1-2
2050Net Zero goal